UltraFine Bubbles Oxygenation System

High Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

UltraFine Bubbles intensifies mass oxygen transfer efficiency

Industrial Grade, Heavy Duty

UFB-G is built to treat the worst water condition in production factory, river and lake. 

Energy Efficient, Less Maintenance

UFB-G has built in back wash system to prevent clogging and its programmable features promotes lesser needs of manpower to operate. 

UltraFine Bubbles GENERATOR


Our UFB-G can be programmed to operate at pre-determined frequency. It also has a build-in backwash system so it can maintain itself. These two features reduce the manpower required to operate and maintain UFB-G, leading to lower running costs.

Process of generating oxygenated-ultrafine bubbles water

Water from source (pond/lagoon/bioreactor) will be use by UFB-G to produce oxygenated-ultrafine bubbles water with the mixture of water and atmospheric air/pure oxygen. A 7.5kW UFB-G can produce 20m3/hr oxygenated-ultrafine bubbles water with a speed of dialysis of 100m3/hr. 

Experience Team

Our teams are passionate specialists across almost every environmental service in the industry. From soil remediation, wastewater treatment, river cleaning and more. Our specialists work closely together every day with the goal of controlling costs and increasing efficiencies. That means you and your customers achieve better outcome and expert guidance every step of the way. The result: Unbeatable expert solution for your environmental and water treatment projects.

Energy Efficient
& Greener Technology

Whether you want to have a better aeration system, expand your bioreactor, treat your wastewater lagoon, improve your biological treatment efficiency – our technology and solution makes it possible for you to have a more sustainable way to achieve your needs. It is energy efficient and chemical free. And because it is proprietary, it’s customisable.

Meeting Your Goals

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Our solutions and services are tailored to suit you; your business, your customers, your objectives and your specifications now and in the future. We know your need for a better aeration system, and need a partner you can trust to expand your horizon, evolving and changing with you as your business matures. Our flexibility also allows us to change the scale and scope of your solution as your requirements, goals and priorities change over time.

We Care

We are not just a machinery supplier. We partner with you to ensure successful implementation and smooth ongoing operation. That is why it is important that we take care of you before, during, and after our machines are delivered.

You have a dedicated consultant for as long as you need us. We will provide you with technical advice or even on-site maintenance if required. We are not selling a commodity. We are aspiring to be your long term solutions partner.